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New Catering Signs Starter Pack

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In addition to our range of Catering Health and Safety Signs, we have added our Catering Signs Starter Park. This gives you one of each from our range of signs, plus our Food Hygiene Poster. The pack consists of: ....... 1 x Food Equipment Wash Only Sign..... 1 x All Food Must be Covered and Dated Sign..... 1 x Food Waste Only Sign..... 1 x Hand Wash Only Sign..... 1 x Food Preparation Area Sign..... 1 x Caution Hot Surface Sign..... 1 x Caution Very Hot Water Sign..... 1 x Safe Use of Ovens and Cookers Sign..... 1 x Safe Storage of Food Sign..... 1 x Chopping Board Colour Coding Sign..... 1 x Safe Use of Knives Sign..... 1 x Food Hygiene Poster ........... Should you require alternative signs, ie. Multiples of 1 kind and none of another, we will make this pack up for the same cost, proving your pack consists of 6 x 150 x 200mm Signs 5 x 200 x 300mm Signs and 1 x Food Hygiene Poster.

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