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changes to the law regarding our Treatment of Electric Shock pos

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Treatment of Electric Shock Posters We have just received notification of changes to the law regarding our Treatment of Electric Shock posters for the work place. The latest edition of the Electricity at Work Act 1989, 17th Edition Amendment number 1 gives notice that a relevant Treatment of Electric Shock Poster should be displayed in all work places where electricity is used or generated in excess of 125v AC. The posters, which are available to purchase on our site, meet the requirements set out in the act and are now COMPULSARY. The amendment is to support current first aid legislation and the posters are to be displayed as a guide and reminder and are not to replacement your mandatory first aid at work obligations. Although most work places will not receive notification of this amendment until there next health and safety or electrical safety inspection it is still best to be safe and display the Treatment of Electric Shock poster now. Insurance companies will no doubt frown upon claims made without this regulation being followed. As a help to some of our larger customers offering PAT testing, we can now brand these posters with your own labelling, giving customers a chance to pass on details if asked. There is of course a small extra charge for this and a minimum order quantity. It may be a good reason to approach existing customers with regard to updating there electrical safety awareness. We are continuing to sell our Treatment of Electric Shock health and safety sign at a highly competitive price, we believe not matched anywhere else. Should you find different, please give us a call.

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